Friday, March 18, 2005

ABC News
House Panel Seeks to Keep Schiavo Alive. Nice to see the federal government intefering with states' rights ... as usual. If only there were something that says the feds should leave states alone, then everything would be right with the world. :)

Senate Defies Bush on Medicaid Spending
An election experience: Mayor runs unopposed ... and loses.
New bill would force govn't to reply faster to FOI requests . On a related note; Sunshine week is wrapping up.
Deutsche Welle
eBay for the Working World. Could you imagine if your boss put a notice in the help wanted section looking for someone to do your job for less ... and you had to low ball the competition? All the sudden, you're doing the same job for $3 less an hour? A site in Germany does just that. This is "free market economy" to it's fullest. In fact ... it's almost "slave market economy." Talk about taking advantage of the less fortunate.

Employees Bring Own Toilet Paper to Work. The headline is funny. Then you find out it's here in WNY. Read this one, folks.