Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Free State Project
So this is pretty interesting. A group of people want to find 20,000 like-minded individuals to move to New Hampshire and change the state's politics ... I'm going to try to contact someone from this group and get them on the show. I found out about this group, by the way, cause they sponsor a show I frequently listen to called "Free Talk Live," which is a blend of politics and culture - sounds like a bunch of college student after a few beers. And by that, I mean it's entertaining. :)
Parthenon Code
Today's guest is a gentleman named Robert Bowie Johnson. He says that greek mythology corroborates Christian beliefs. We'll take a unique look at religion.
Niagara Gazette
Public reaction mixed on NF City Court Judge Bob Restaino's decision to jail an entire court cause no one would say who's cell phone was ringing.
Meanwhile over at the Union-Sun & Journal, there's a poll on the issue. What do YOU think? Feel free to comment here ... or in the Dialog Forum.