Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Eliot Spitzer 2006
I was lucky enough to meet Eliot Spitzer tonight. I talked with him for minute, shook his hand, and listened to him explain how he plans to make New York a leader again. I sent emails to several friends telling people to check out his web site and sign up to be a "friend of Eliot." If I didn't send you an email, it doesn't mean I don't like you. It just means I didn't have your email handy or didn't think you'd appreciate it. But here's an open invite to everyone else ... check out Eliot Spitzer. He'll be a good governor for New York.

$2.1 Million View
There's a new Dialog Poll online. Do you think $2.1 million is a good price for Mount View? Go vote now! By the way, if you want to see the results of previous polls, just click here. The most recent poll; "Do you think that Sgt. Patrick Needle should be held accountable for the counterfeit money made on his computer?" Had these results:

[16 votes total]
Yes. (6) 38%
No. (9) 56%
Don't know / don't care. (1)