Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A catalog of political cartoons. Wednesday, March 2, 2005 - Dr. Seuss would have been 81-years old, but sadly, he died in 1991.
On Social Security ...
According to a poll in Tuesday's USATODAY, the public support for the president's Social Security plan has dropped significantly. Paul Krugman of the New York Times thinks that's probably a good thing (free subsription required). Meanwhile, Jon Stewart thinks it's a funny thing ... On the other hand, I got an email filled with inaccuracies on Social Security ... so I thought I'd point people to two entries on Snopes.com dealing with it. First of all, Democrats alone did not screw Social Security up. Secondly, Congress DOES pay into Social Security. The real reason they won't fix it isn't that they don't pay into it ... it's that they don't NEED it. We'll continue to talk about Social Security over the coming days, weeks and months.

Lawmakers Address Ensuing Medicaid Fight

Senator wants cable, satellite decency standards

FCC Censorship sucks

Bush Pushes Faith-Based Initiative ... says religious groups should be able to compete for government money so long as they help anybody in need ... especially if they're Christian, I'm sure.

US ends death penalty for minors
Senate to Reconsider Bush Judicial Appointees

Gary Bauer claimed Republicans too "gentlemanly" to filibuster ... apparently ignoring past GOP actions.
The two sides of Ahnold ...
First the good side. In a story on Yahoo! News, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to sidestep the politics and go direct to the voters, holding a special election to overhaul the state. But then just as I read something that makes me think maybe the voters of California were right to vote the Governator into office, I read another Yahoo! News story that says the Governor's office is using Bush-esque techniques creating media. Basically, Schwarzenegger wanted some Labor Laws changed, so he created "fake news" reports to explain why the changes are good. Did someone call George Orwell?
Yahoo News
WorldCom Ex-CEO Has Memory Loss at Trial. Throw this in the "shocking" category, huh?