Sunday, February 27, 2005

State Lawmakers Fault 'No Child Left Behind'
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Dean Gets Warm Reception at Kansas Rally.
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Liberal Groups Keeping Close Eye on Dean.
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Gingrich Gives GOP Social Security Advice.
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Clinton: Diplomacy Key in 2nd Bush Term.
Bush renews push to alter Social Security.
Democrats: Lift ban on buying medicines from Canada.
President, Catwoman win Razzies.
Podcast Comments ...
Allow me to introduce you to "Just Dave," who also seems to believe that I hate veterans.

Dave writes;
"Yes again you upset the military veteran community with you misguided, off color comments. If you were only a vet I think you would understand what is is like to be a real American. Rebember when you said you were a socialist. I know you drink often to excess, and have a hard time with your alcohol abuse, but it probably would be best if you chose a local water hole other than the VFW or American Legion. I dont think these groups would appreciate you comments. I know you try to do your best, within your limitations, however, some of your comments do seem upseting. How do I write you boss I would like to add my comments to some of your others writers...and maybe you could broadcast on line, information that could assist the public in having you removed from the air. Niagara County would be much better off without you!"

You, too can comment on each show on the Podcast Page.

Thanks to Dave for making me laugh and confirming that some people see only black and white ... and explaining that if I don't like a particular veteran ... then I must dislike all of them.
Friday's show is up ... finally. :) Sorry I didn't get it online right away, but I only have so much space per 30 days ... and I had reached capacity for the time period, so I had to wait. We talked a lot about a lot of stuff ... but frequently came back to the Terry Shiavo case in Florida. Some interesting thoughts on the matter. For the daily podcast, just check the link on the left hand side of the web page (it says "Podcast"). To automatically subscribe, click the XML feed on the bottom right of the ensuing page.