Saturday, February 26, 2005

Online Dialog Forum
The forum's really heating up ... for those of you that enjoy good political discussion. A couple of newcomers have really added to the mix. And if politics, isn't your thing - and since I've whooped everyone at Donkey Kong, Pac Man and Burger Time - I've added several games to the Arcade (within the forum). Only thing with the arcade is you have to be logged in to play. So head on over to the forum and discuss or play - your choice.

Jeff Gannon A Voice of the New Media
The Republican's favorite new media "shill" is back ... and he's mad, too - swinging back at the "Left Wing Media," which, by the way, continues to ignore the whole story. Meanwhile, Five Democratic Senators call for an inquiry into the matter.
The Register
FCC 'crosses the line' with broadcast flag. Judge tells FCC, "Ancillary does not mean you get to rule the world." Ouch.
Weekly World News
BUSH ORDERS CAPE & CROWN: Prez calls for amendment to allow royal titles (This is parody ... and the fact that I have to point that out is just sad, okay?