Wednesday, February 23, 2005

AARP Social Security Page
Well, it looks like the Swift Boat guys are at it again ... somehow trying to tie AARP's refusal to roll over on Social Security to their "gay (and anti-military) agenda." Above is the link to AARP's information.

Media Matters for America
Second Talon News reporter lifted passages from other sources without citation. In "real" journalism, we call that plagarism.
Media Matters for America
Local newspapers across U.S. devoted editorials to Gannongate ... And thank goodness ... cause the "liberal media" pretty much ignored it.
Yahoo! News
Washington Lags in Polls of Top Presidents. What a sad statement about the American populace. Ronald Reagan ahead of Washington? JFK ahead of Washington? Clinton ahead of Washington? I don't think so.
Topic: Eminent Domain
Government's Ability To Seize Private Property Challenged - ...
Supreme Court hears case on government's power to seize property - Yahoo News ...

Personally, I'm a big believer in private property ... forget the pursuit of happiness. Put property rights in the Constitution.