Friday, February 11, 2005
Friday's podcast is online. Thanks for Mayor Tucker for taking time out of his busy day to talk with us. We learned some interesting things on Friday (IMHO). Like the fact that Delphi met with the mayor the day before ... and the attitude that's apparently prevalent in the fire department (fire them, leave us alone) - by the way, check out the forum for more on that topic. Enjoy. For the daily podcast, just check the link on the left hand side of the web page (it says "Podcast"). To automatically subscribe, click the XML feed on the bottom right of the ensuing page.
Louise Slaughter's web site
Rep. Slaughter calls on Special Prosecutor to investigate Gannon's Role in Plame CIA document leak scandal. Ah, the dignity that is the White House.
CBS 2 - New York News
Missing Halliburton shipment of radioactive material found in Boston. And now for the good news ...
Rumsfeld visits Iraq unannounced. What, is there a contest to see which secretary can make the most unannounced trips to Iraq?
Dems say they should be firm but flexible. Kind of like one of those unbreakable combs. :)
Yahoo! News
Clinton Sees Better Future for Democrats. Cause it'd be pretty hard for it to get worse, don'tcha think?
Yahoo! News
Franken Says He Won't Run for Minn. Seat. Thank God. What a fiasco that would be
House approves electronic ID cards.
Media Matters for America
Fake White House Reporter talks to a very real Wolf Blitzer ...
Yahoo! News
Congressman to Run for Fla. Governor.