Thursday, February 10, 2005

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal Online
Cercone wants county post - Third Ward Alderman Scott A. Cercone will challenge legislator Harry J. Apolito for the 15th district county seat.
Yahoo! News
House OKs Citizenship Check for Licenses. So much for the 10th Amendment. Not that I think illegal immigrants should get drivers' licenses ... but I'm 100 percent certain that the federal goverment should stick to the federal government's business.

American Prospect Online
Being Howard Dean
Give the chair a chance. You just might like what you see.
U.S. Defends Secret Evidence in Detaining American.
Democrats oppose 2 GOP ethics panel picks.
Business First of Buffalo
Poll puts Pataki approval rating at new low. In other words, the rest of the state is starting to figure out what we already knew about Pataki. :)
Thursday's podcast is online. Thanks for Mike Hudson for spending s little bit of time with us to discuss the conservative media. Mike said he'd gladly come back and do a whole show - take phone calls and everything. I'm looking forward to it. Keep your eyes on the Dialog page to see when that might be. For the daily podcast, just check the link on the left hand side of the web page (it says "Podcast"). To automatically subscribe, click the XML feed on the bottom right of the ensuing page.
Thanks to Mike Hudson, editor of The Niagara Falls Reporter for spending a few minutes with us this morning. And if you want to buy his refridgerator, reach him through the paper. :)
Naming a star ...
This topic came up today on the show ... just thought I'd put a link to the authoritative body on the subject up here on the blog. Thanks to the caller who pointed this out.
White House reporter's credentials questioned. The story of the Niagara Falls Reporter asking Congresswoman Slaughter to look into "reporter-gate" has been picked up by CNN. Mike Hudson of the Reporter will join us at 9:10 to discuss this issue briefly. Also, Media Matters for America has reported that Sean Hannity used this Gannon guy as a source on multiple occasions. Again, let me point out ... the Republicans think this is all fine, but a soldier asking a question that was asked him of a reporter ... that was just wrong.
Wal-Mart to Close Union-Targeted Store.
RNC challenges ads criticizing Bush's Social Security plan. Since people are finding out that they're buying the media, now they're going to prevent their opposition from buying advertising. Not exactly goose and gander if you ask me.
Giuliani tests South Carolina's political waters.
Yahoo! News
Congress's 'Hammer' Shows Lighter Side.
Woman may lose house over $27.00 tax bill owed to a town she doesn't live in. This is just wrong
Yahoo! News
House Likely to OK Migrant Restrictions.