Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Yahoo! News
Democratic Minnesota Senator Not Seeking Second Term.
Sen. Clinton hits highest approval rating in New York. Poll says she would crush Pataki or Giuliani in 2006 Senate race.
Election panel blasts state officials for not showing up.
Media Matters for America
Gannon reverses course, quits as Talon News. This is the guy that was a fake journalist in a very real jouralism job ... on the White House Press Corps. This topic caused the Niagara Falls Reporter to write an open letter to Congresswoman Louise Slaughter - which she forwarded to the president, further asking that the topic be investigated. Mike Hudson, editor of the Niagara Falls Reporter will share his point of view on the topic Thursday morning. Stay tuned.

Yahoo! News
Kerry Donates $1 Million to DNC ... proves he's still running for president.

Mickey D's "Honest Abe" fry fetches top dollar. Here's a link to the actual Yahoo auction. Last checked 519 bids - $101,000. PT Barnum would be proud.
Wednesday's podcast is online. Thanks for Paul for an entertaining show this morning. For the daily podcast, just check the link on the left hand side of the web page (it says "Podcast"). To automatically subsribe, click the XML feed on the bottom right of the ensuing page.
Rice warns Iran: "U.N. action looms." And if the UN won't do it, the US'll do it alone. Wasn't it like 36 hours ago that she said there is no war plan for Iran?

Yahoo! News
Man Arrested for Lawyer Jokes Cleared. I found this amusing. Thought you would too. Only in America, folks. Only in America.

Yahoo! News
Sikorsky Won't Protest Marine-One Decision to have presidential "fleet" done by Lockheed Martin instead of the American company.
NY state senator finally wins -- by 18 votes.
Yahoo! News
Va. Bill Sets Fine for Low-Riding Pants. I just thought this was silly.
Rove's new position will involve policy.
Yahoo! News
Democrat Reid Hits Reacts to Criticism. Just because someone isn't a "rubber stamp" doesn't mean they're an "obstructionist." If the Republicans would be the main stream party they claim to be, the Dems wouldn't have to fillibuster Bush's nominees. But since the Republicans are running as far to the right as possible, the Democrats need to stay left to keep it "fair and balanced." I would think the Elephants would get that.
Poll: Wealthy should bolster Social Security. Why is it that no one is talking about raising the cap above the $90,000 limit ... or eliminating (or at least deferring) benefits for those that don't need them? Isn't Social Security supposed to be a sort of insurance? Seems like the wealthy making claims (drawing benefits) when they don't need to is silly. Of course, that's just me.

MSNBC's Andy Borowitz
Flintstones Are "Way Too Gay." This mockery of the Spongebob Squarepants saga puts it "straight" forward about the Flintstones: "Fred and Barney should be banned because they are virtually inseparable, are never seen wearing pants and live together in the suggestively-named town of Bedrock." I love satire.