Tuesday, February 08, 2005

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Black History Month ...
That's our topic for the day. Given that, I thought I'd put some links on the topic on this morning's blog
Boston.com: Make every month Black History Month
Columbia Daily Tribune: Some black speakers balk at single month of recognition
Sites of interest
Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
Black History.com
Black Facts Online
Yahoo! News
Reid Urges Bush to Disavow GOP Criticism. Read between the lines on this piece. When Sen. Reid points out flaws with Bush's nominees, etc, he's being "an obstructionist." But when Republicans whine about Reid, they're "illuminating his record." To quote Ruthie ... "What a crock."

Election officials work on making changes. When reading this story, read with this perspective: Have New York State election officials done ANYTHING?

Roemer withdraws from DNC chair race

This has to be good for all the Howard Dean fans out there (self included). Essentially, it means that Governor Dean has no more competition for the DNC chairmanship. Essentially, it means that we're going to have a Democrat who is willing to fight on every level and refuses to be part of "me too" politics that the Dems have gotten trapped in these past four or so years.

Va. Governor Reaches Across Political Divide
No senator left behind? Well, one. This is just a funny story. I recommend it.