Sunday, February 06, 2005

Cuba's smoking ban comes into law. So let me see if I can get this straight ... until just now, you could smoke in Communist Cuba, but not here? Funny, huh?

Super Bowl Ads. Missed one? Catch it here. Of course, this will be our topic Monday morning. And co-hosting with me will be Ray Sherman Jr., driver of the 1340 car. Which ad was your favorite? Vote in the poll to let us know.
Rumsfeld: Reporters not told what to write. Not those reporters, at least.
Congress crosses partisan divides on some issues ... which means they might actually get something done. For bonus points, maybe it will be something GOOD. I know, I know. I'm pushing it.
Cheney: 'I will not run' for president ... Thank God
Yahoo! News
Bush Proposes Cuts to Scores of Programs ...