Saturday, February 05, 2005

Pentagon sites: Journalism or propaganda? - Feb 4, 2005. Here we go again. The Pentagon is creating "news sites" with "independent" journalists ... but requiring that they "not reflect discredit on the U.S. government." Hmm. Sounds to me like we're still paying commentators. I thought the president said we weren't going to do that anymore.

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Unbrand America : Flag Gallery

These three "flag" photos were all found by me on the internet. Each is interesting and telling in it's own way. Have interesting "flag" photos? Send 'em to me here
Yahoo! News
N.Y. State Senate Race Still Unresolved
(who knew?) - and - Washington Governors race kicks into double overtime. How many times (and how many ways) can that race be decided?
American Prospect Online
Well, it looks like a sure thing for former Vermont Governor Howard Dean. He leads the DNC race with little competition. Only he and Tim Roemer are still in the race. But ... this time last year, it also looked like him securing the Democratic nod for president was a sure thing, too. Never count your Democrats before they're hatched.