Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What to expect from Bush's speech. This will be the topic dejour (that means of the day in French) ... on Wednesday. And again on Thursday. I, personally, can't wait to hear what the President thinks the state of the union is. If it's anything like what Pataki thought the state of the state was, we're in trouble.
Business First of Buffalo
Legislature gets 10th vote on tax hike. Oh goodie. The sales tax in Erie County is ALMOST 10 percent. I'm hoping they'll get to work and raise it another three-quarters of a point so it'll be really easy to figure out HOW MUCH YOU'RE GETTING SCREWED when you go to the store. Color me disallusioned.

The Epoch Times
Sen. Schumer Proposes Tariffs While Out in the Cold. This is a pretty interesting story I gleaned (stole) from Jack Davis' web site.

The Washington Monthly
Here's a neat link to "The Cato Calculator" that shows what we'll make in retirement if we privatize social security. Be sure to read the comments below it. Some are rather astute.

How Americans Can Buy American
This is the other website I was talking about this morning. Have at it.
Save American Jobs!
Please visit Jack's website and make sure you join. Thanks.