Friday, January 21, 2005

Business First of Buffalo
NCCC board eyes on-campus housing. I don't get this. I feel that if there were a need for housing, the private sector would be building apartments across the street, down the road, etc. That's not happening. The last thing I want is for county government to get bigger ... and like it or not, NCCC is part of county government.

Business First of Buffalo
More job losses in Buffalo-Niagara Falls. We're number one again!!! Except we don't want to be. *sigh*

Election result maps

This is pretty cool. It breaks up the red states and blue states and shows you what the map would look like under a number of different scenarios. As I noted before, Niagara County is blue ... and I'm proud of us for that.

George W. Bush: The Second Inaugural Front Page. So, it's official. We're into the second term of W. But the good news is it will be his last four years in office unless he shreds the constitution and declares himself king and monarch - which I wouldn't put past him, by the way. I'm sure you noticed at the top right of, I've begun counting down until SOMEONE ELSE is president. But here's my question ... Since he was president for the last four years, if something goes wrong now, is it his fault? Cause these last four years, everything that went wrong was blamed on Clinton since he "layed the groundwork" or whatever. But now W has noone to blame but W, right? Something tells me they'll find a way to blame John Kerry or Hillary or Barbara Boxer or whoever they think the Dems might run in '08. Keep tuned. It'll be fun.