Thursday, January 20, 2005

Senate panel backs Rice as secretary of state - but Condoleezza Rice was the first nominee for secretary of state to receive any “no” votes in 24 years. And why do the right wing pundits think that asking a nominee for the world's diplomat some tough questions is such a bad thing? Ms. Rice now has to "make love, not war," and I'm not sure she can do it. I hope I'm wrong, though.
Presidential Inauguration - Donor Information. Ya know, I've said before that I'm sick of hearing about how much this inauguration costs. Not that I think it's okay to spend $50 million on a coronation, but because it isn't my money ... or your money (unless you're on the list above). If we were paying $50 million of public funds, I'd be peaved. But why whine about this when we have so many legitimate things to disagree with the newly-elected president about? Just my two cents - for free.