Thursday, January 06, 2005

Business First of Buffalo
Reynolds to sit on Ways and Means committee. Oh goodie ... More power for him to not use to help Western New York.
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Pulp Politicians! -

This is too cool (caution: adult humor).
New York Daily NewsGeorge Pataki's rose-colored glasses. The governor's state of the state made it apparent that he hadn't been around here much. He seems to think things are going swimingly. Drowningly is more like it.
Democrats plan to challenge the electoral vote count today and of course, Republicans are outraged, claiming the election is over and done with fair and square ... But, ah, when the shoe's on the other foot! Republicans in the state of Washington want a new gubernatorial election claiming the election was flawed. Look folks. The elections are over. Kerry lost. So did Dino Rossi (the Republican governor) in Washington. Move On (without the dot org).