Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Vocabulary Booster
Thanks to Gene McKenna for Tuesday morning's show. I thought it went well and I've received several phone calls and emails since confirming my beliefs. Some people have had difficultly figuring out on Gene's web site how to sign up for the Word A Day feature he discussed Tuesday morning. I found a quick link - click here - that will take you right to the sign up page. Congratulations to Phil from Lockport for winning Gene's CD. I talked with Gene later Tuesday morning and he said 12 people had already called looking for it. Frankly, I didn't know 12 people listened. :) Maybe we'll check in with Gene later this year.


Please join me in welcoming Cheryl Lepsch to the show Wednesday morning. Cheryl's son Jeremy was hospitalized in Landstahl Medical in Germany after becoming sick while serving with an Anti-Terrorist group in Djibouti Africa. What he learned there ... and what he and his mom have learned since will amaze you ... and not in a good way. Cheryl is looking for help for our friends in the military who have been injured ... and she's looking for an outlet for her grief and frustration with our government. Wednesday morning, we'll give her an outlet. And likely, a hand.

Scott Leffler
Welcome back blogger friends. Looks like this baby is back up and running. Thanks for you patience. There's a cool new feature that allows you to now comment to my ramblings ... that's pretty cool. So now you can comment on the air ... send me an email ... comment through the poll ... the online forum ... or the blog. Never before has there been so much Dialog. Glad to have you aboard.

Scott Leffler