Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Buffalo News
The News endorses Brian Higgins to be the Democrat to lose to Nancy Naples ... Actually, I saw Brian's ad on TV the other night and it was pretty slick. He might just stand a chance if he can afford to keep the ads running. Nancy's ad, meanwhile, I found to be bland. Could be more interesting than I imagined. For more on these (and all) candidates, check the newly configured links page and click on (or scroll down to) the politics section. Politics WNY is a new reference that I found that will likely come in quite useful.
Business First of Buffalo
Rochester-Toronto fast ferry shuts down. So if their ferry couldn't be viable ... what are the odds we could do better in Niagara County? I like the idea of a ferry from Toronto ... but not at taxpayers expense.
Thanks to Kevin Phillips for partaking in Dialog on Wednesday. For more on Kevin or his book, click the link a couple posts below. Tomorrow on Dialog, we'll be talking with David Lebedoff from 9:15 'til 9:30 and then we'll have open Dialog thereafter. For more on David and his new book, "The Uncivil War," click the link within this post (right below).

t r u t h o u t
The Polls Come Back to Earth ... or maybe they never really left.