Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Seems my friends at Greater Niagara News got new websites ... hosted by the Indiana division of Community Newspapers Holding, Inc. They look pretty slick. Too bad the URL on the Gazette's page spells Niagara wrong ... note: ... oops.

Oh, and notice on the "where to buy a paper" page:
267 & Dan Jones Rd
Townville, IN 46123

Are you kidding me? Indiana?!?! John Raymond couldn't even get one in Lockport this morning.

Hers's to hoping they outgrow their "new website" growing pains quickly.

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Denise Young, managing editor for the Union-Sun tends to take a lot of flak when she's on the show. I'm glad she comes on anyway. We'll bring the folks from the US&J on again soon. Hope you caught the show. It was a good one. Posted by Hello

Tim Marren, city reporter for the US&J. I don't envy the man. His job is very difficult. He added a lot to Wednesday's show. Thanks Tim. Posted by Hello

Anne Calos, features editor for the Union-Sun & Journal on the show Wednesday. Relatively quiet as usual. Posted by Hello

John Austin on Dialog Tuesday, June 8th. I like John cause he says what he thinks no matter whether you like it or not. Posted by Hello