Thursday, April 08, 2004

Buffalo News
County legislature wants cost of Medicaid itemized on property tax bills. Is it just me, or is this their way of saying, "It's all the state's fault."
Buffalo News
More funds sought for homeland security. Niagara County wants to be classified as "urban" in order to get more money from the feds. Yeah, you read it right. Urban.
New York sued over gay marriage ban.
Here's a site helping you put political rhetoric into context. It SEEMS non-partisan from what I can tell ... FactCheck it out.
Is Bush's base dwindling? Howard Fineman says many fringe conservatives are starting to question The Bush.
Lockport Journal
Wal-Mart grant questioned by McDonough. School board member Beverly McDonough said the city was "bought" with a $7,000 park improvement grant ... When Mayor Tucker was on Dialog two weeks ago, he said he wasn't bought.