Tuesday, April 06, 2004

New Dialog poll!!!
Should the town of Lockport impose a moratorium on buildings larger than 80,000 square feet? Go vote in the new poll. To see the results of old polls, including the most recent, "Should a Super Wal-Mart be built in the Town of Lockport?" click
here. Newer polls are at the bottom.
Buffalo News
Address-gate wraps up. Apparently both Mike Carney and Bill Davignon live in the district they're still both trying to represent. Phase 14 of the legal battle ... done.
Fox News
US Rep. Amo Houghton is retiring ... leaving a void in the Southern Tier Republican district.
Residents to determine fate of Wal-Mart. Contested Supercenter plan faces ballot in L.A. community. Hmm. Interesting. Direct democracy on a business issue. This'll be fun to watch. From the same people, mind you, that brought you "Total Recall" 2003.
Thanks to Jack for appearing on Dialog Tuesday morning. The show went very well and I'm glad Jack came on ... but I still don't trust party-jumpers.