Friday, January 02, 2004

Muppet alert system now proudly subsribes to the Muppet Alert System. Visit the Dialog page for a display of how it works. Ah, satire. I love it!
Buffalo News
Some bars get OK for patrons to puff away. This is the story the woman was talking about this morning on Dialog. The statistics she noted are at the bottom of the story ... please note that the statistics were gathered by the Roswell Cancer Institute.
New York first state to adopt self-extinguishing cigarette law. Soon to come, state adopts self-driving car law, and self-mowing grass. *sigh*
International Herald Tribune
Bush comes out of hiding, to hunt quail. The irony is just boiling over, no?
Buffalo News
Bar owners consider a lawsuit over smoking ban. Good for them. I hope they win.
Buffalo News
Ruling opens way for more suits in district race. Ah, Niagara County politics. And you thought Florida was crazy? Worth noting here, by the way: The REPUBLICANS want the military vote banned. Hmm. Interesting.
NY Times
Green-Card Lottery Is Swamped in Last Hours. Immigration isn't my favorite topic, but how could I not comment on this? A Green-Card Lottery?!?!?!? That's just wrong. And cruel, IMHO.