10:43 AM
Newfane C.A.R.E.S. Thanks to Brian Hellner, Peter Soemann and Laurie Fry for appearing on Dialog on Wednesday.
7:58 AM
Buffalo News Here's the article I was talking about yesterday ... in which the Town of Niagara reduced the Prime Outlet Mall's ass...
7:53 AM
MSNBC White House goes after former aide. Richard Clarke did the unthinkable ... he criticized the George Bush White House.
7:52 AM
Slate The Supreme Court is Suspicious. Here's an article that should be especially interesting to my conspiracy theory friends.
11:55 AM
WashingtonPost.com Comedy Makes A Splash - Fox's 'Wonderfalls' Is A Welcome Entry Into Surreality Television. This was on Frid...
8:49 AM
Iraq on the Record (on house.gov) Representative Henry Waxman has compiled a list of statements by the Bush and Co. and made them readily ...
8:30 AM
Dallas Fort Worth Telegram Medicare "win" causing great grief for Bush and Co. It says a lot when the Bush can't tell the di...
7:46 AM
The Drudge Report Let the failing begin ... "Liberal Radio Network" lineup announced.
7:55 PM
CNN.com Kerry blasts "crooked Republicans." Ya know, he keeps talking like this, I might just eventually LIKE this Kerry guy.
7:49 PM
Dialog Poll The new question – Should the Newfane School Board drop its charges against US&J reporter Mark Lindsay?
7:47 PM
Slate Bush misleads public on Kerry's record ... Hmm ... has Bush ever mislead us before?
7:09 PM
Slate Bush's new ads are high on fluff ... low on substance. While I may not have a problem with the use of Sept. 11 in the one ad, I ...