Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Urban Legends Reference Pages (Snopes.com)
Claim: Miserable failure links to Bush ...
Status: True!
Check this out. It is hillarious. And it works.
Urban Legends Reference Pages (Snopes.com)
Misheard Christmas Lyrics. Some of these are FUNNY!!!
The Beast
Bills Offense Beaten Up by Group of Small Children. Okay, this is parody, but, man, it isn't far from the truth. Ya know? I don't always like the Beast. Sometimes its a little ... juvenile ... but sometimes it just rocks. Here's a rocker. The Beast, by the way, is a product of Paul Fallon, Tom Reynolds' Democratic opponent for 2004.

Today's topic - holiday bonuses
Many news organizations (CNN for example) are declaring the holiday bonus dead. Of course, some companies (example 1) (example 2) give great bonuses. Other's, not so much. What's the best holiday bonus you've ever gotten? The worst (other than nothing?) Let's have fun with this.
The Top 10 jokes from the campaign trail.