Saturday, December 20, 2003

MSNBC - Newsweek
Poll: The Bush Bounce. Apparently, now that we found Saddam, W's a good guy. Interesting. Fellow Niagara Buzzer, Avie Townsend has a great column on this topic ... and I concur completely with it.
Dialog Page
Sorry I'd been lax about updating the web site. I did some updating today ... including noting that State Sen. George Maziarz will be my guest on Monday ... and announcing that Tuesday and Wednesday will be themed shows (not OPEN Dialog). Tuesday, we'll talk about holiday bonuses and Wednesday's all about last minute gift ideas.
Also, I've returned to polling. There's a new poll at the bottom left part of the page about the new state income tax line calling for us to pay taxes to New York for things we buy out of state. Let your voice be heard.
NY Times
1,776-Foot Design Is Unveiled for World Trade Center Tower. Gov. George E. Pataki said. "This is not just a building. This is a symbol of New York. This is a symbol of America. This is a symbol of freedom." He later said, "And to Al Qaeda, start gassing up your planes now ... we just gave you a new target." ... okay, he really didn't say that last part, but he might as well have. We'll talk to George Maziarz about this on Monday.