Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Next stop: Syria! A bill that has already passed the US House, passed the US Senate yesterday, allowing "sanctions" against Syria. Sen. Robert Byrd said he thinks the bill could be used as a method to invade Syria in the future.
Senators holding all-night talkathon on federal judges.
Kerry Train Wreck Easy to Predict. Says Howard Fineman: "The problem, perhaps the fatal problem, with John Kerry’s presidential campaign is that, from the start, it’s had two of everything: two sets of handlers, two centers of power and a candidate who often can’t resist having two positions on an issue. Laser-like clarity and focus are crucial in a presidential campaign. To inspire voters, it must be a crusade, not a committee; a battle flag, not a position paper. Kerry’s is all clutter."
Unions push Dean closer to triumph. The endorsements had been widely expected since last week but they mark Dean’s most significant strategic victory of the campaign so far, giving him the power of thousands of union members who can canvass voters for him in the key early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and elsewhere.
Rush Limbaugh Returning to Airwaves Next Week. Five weeks after he left the airwaves to undergo treatment for addiction to prescription painkillers, conservative broadcaster Rush Limbaugh will return to the microphone as host of his daily radio show, it was announced on Wednesday.

Business First of Buffalo
Delphi reorganization eliminates Harrison name. Of course, it's more than the name. The company headquarters are moving to Michigan, taking about 150 or so jobs with it. The rank and file will still be here ... or at least however ever many are left these days. You know, when Gov. Pataki gave Delphi $19 Million (just four years ago), that was to save 6,100 jobs. Last I knew, Delphi stood around the 4,500 range. (a couple months ago) Now this Business First story has them at 4,300. This isn't devastating, but it sure as heck isn't good.