Friday, November 28, 2003

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Finally got this up and running. I'll try my best to keep it updated.
New column
I hate Thanksgiving. Now whatcha gonna do? I transcribed my monolog from the other day and made a column out of it. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Column: I'm a jerk and you are, too
I've sort of made a name for myself as an ingrate. Just read here.

I hate Thanksgiving ...

Go ahead. Call me a jerk. You wouldn't be the first. Or say that I'm stupid. I've heard that before. Oh, and don't forget to lay the Commie label on thick, too. I can take it.

I hate thanksgiving. Despise it. If there were a day I could wipe from the calendar, it would be
Thanksgiving. Or Turkey day, as some like to call it.

17 people just dropped what they were holding. And another 8 just drove into a ditch.

But it's true. I hate it. Can't stand it. What a waste of a day.

It's not that I'm not thankful – ou contrair. I'm a very thankful person. I have everything I need and most things I want and I appreciate that fact. At the Leffler household, we have a thankful tree on our fridge. Beginning November 1st, at my wifes suggestion, we put a construction paper
tree trunk on the fridge and every day since, the four of us – my wife, my two daughters and i – have added a leaf each ... saying what we were thankful for ... which we will continue until the
end of the month.

It's not that difficult, believe it or not, to come up with things you're thankful for. And my daughters, god bless their hearts, have come up with some AWESOME things to be
thankful for. It's not all toys and sugar cereal. Callie – my three year old – said one day that she was thankful for her friend Amber. Emily – my six year old – proclaimed thanks that girls in Afghanistan can go to school again. My thanks have ranged from my car – to my wife – to having a job that gives me the flexibility to spend with my family.

I think both my daughters on one day or another have said that they're thankful for Thanksgiving. Yeah. That's not on my list. Again, I despise it.

I was talking with my mother last night about it. I'm thankful for her, too, BTW. Anyway, I was talking to mom about my reason for not being a big Turkey Day fan and she said she didn't understand why any man would not like Thanksgiving.

“I mean, you get to sit around and watch football while the women do all the work,” she said.

First of all, my house isn't like that. My wife – who I'm also thankful for – isn't a housewife.
She works for a living and we share the duties at home. Now to be fair, she probably does more work at home, but it's not like I sit on the couch and she serves me. Trust me. It's nothing like that.

Secondly, while I enjoy football – and typically partake in the pigskin madness on the Fourth Thursday in November, I could certainly do without it. I'm happy watching the Bills once a week – and could easily skip the rest.

And third, I hate to watch people work. I especially hate to watch people – or to be part of –
spending all morning and part of the afternoon to make dinner. Spending an hour eating it – and spending the rest of the night cleaning up.

And then their's the menu itself. I love beef. Steak. Burgers. You name it. I also like pork. Pork chops. Pork loin. Ham. I even go crazy over hot dogs. All kinds of fish, too. And I'm a big fan of chicken breast. Especially marinated in italian dressing and then grilled. Note that I didn't proclaim my love for Turkey.

Sure it's okay on a sandwich. But to just cook it up, slice it up, and eat it – not so much. For one
thing, carving the bird is a pain in the ... okay, I can't say that word. This is family radio, after all.

And then there's the fact that it makes you sleepy. Tryptophan – that's the ingrediant that makes you tired. Why would you want to eat something that sucks the energy out of you? I just don't get it.

Mix all this with family members that you only see once a year at most ... and that's too often. And who would like this terrible “holiday?”

I have a theory. I was discussing this theory with morning show host Paul Oates the other day. I think that EVERYONE hates thanksgiving ... but they're afraid to say it because they'll be cast off the island like some paraih – some leper.

So, I'll be the fall guy. I said it. I hate thanksgiving. Now, it's your turn. Join me. Thanksgiving haters unite.

Or, maybe you think I'm a jerk. I'm stupid. I'm a Commie. If that's your bag, let me know.
Makers of 'The Reagans' Bash CBS Editing. Original version to run on Showtime on Sunday.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Flash animation about the dead soldiers ... and what they really died for. Poignant, but may take a while to load ... especially on dial-up.
The Doctor Is In - Howard Dean Song. This isn't half bad. And I surely like the message. I think I'll play this on Friday when - in my absense - WLVL airs, "The best of Dialog" feature some of my favorite clips from the past year.
Critics: Patriot Act Warnings Come to Fruition. I suggest an immediate repeal of the Big Brother Act, as I have decided to call it from now on. And I'm definately opposed to the Big Brother Act's cousin, the Patriot Act II.

Friday, November 21, 2003
Opponents block energy bill, leaving passage in doubt. I'm glad to see this die. To be honest, I don't know enough about it to know if it's really bad ... I just know it was concocted in secret ... by the energy companies. So the odds that it's good for the consumers is slim-to-none. Go filibuster, go.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Thursday, November 13, 2003
Senate holds all-night talkathon on judges; Bush pushes a vote. As people die of starvation and lose their jobs from sea to shining sea, the Republican Party and Resident Bush whine about three judges. Yeah. These people are in touch with reality.
Senate holds all-night talkathon on judges; Bush pushes a vote. As people die of starvation and lose their jobs from sea to shining sea, the Republican Party and Resident Bush whine about three judges. Yeah. These people are in touch with reality.
Ala. chief justice ousted over 10 Commandments. Can't say I'm disappointed about this. Unfortunately, I'm not really going to get a chance to talk about it, though - not with the great string of guests coming up ... more on that later.
Dean surges as turmoil trips Kerry. Go Dean Go!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Next stop: Syria! A bill that has already passed the US House, passed the US Senate yesterday, allowing "sanctions" against Syria. Sen. Robert Byrd said he thinks the bill could be used as a method to invade Syria in the future.
Senators holding all-night talkathon on federal judges.
Kerry Train Wreck Easy to Predict. Says Howard Fineman: "The problem, perhaps the fatal problem, with John Kerry’s presidential campaign is that, from the start, it’s had two of everything: two sets of handlers, two centers of power and a candidate who often can’t resist having two positions on an issue. Laser-like clarity and focus are crucial in a presidential campaign. To inspire voters, it must be a crusade, not a committee; a battle flag, not a position paper. Kerry’s is all clutter."
Unions push Dean closer to triumph. The endorsements had been widely expected since last week but they mark Dean’s most significant strategic victory of the campaign so far, giving him the power of thousands of union members who can canvass voters for him in the key early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and elsewhere.
Rush Limbaugh Returning to Airwaves Next Week. Five weeks after he left the airwaves to undergo treatment for addiction to prescription painkillers, conservative broadcaster Rush Limbaugh will return to the microphone as host of his daily radio show, it was announced on Wednesday.

Business First of Buffalo
Delphi reorganization eliminates Harrison name. Of course, it's more than the name. The company headquarters are moving to Michigan, taking about 150 or so jobs with it. The rank and file will still be here ... or at least however ever many are left these days. You know, when Gov. Pataki gave Delphi $19 Million (just four years ago), that was to save 6,100 jobs. Last I knew, Delphi stood around the 4,500 range. (a couple months ago) Now this Business First story has them at 4,300. This isn't devastating, but it sure as heck isn't good.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Bickering plagues Capitol Hill. This is what happens when people think too highly of themselves ...
Politician or telemarketer? Majority Leader DeLay uses offer of honor in pitch for funds. Hmm. Very interesting story. Just read it.
Secret Service Hides Cheney as Plane Enters Restricted Area. Why is it any time anything happens in this country, Cheney gets swept away to some "secure location?"

Monday, November 10, 2003

New Yorkers pay highest local taxes. Gee, ya think? Wonder what Sen. George Maziarz will have to say about this ... let me guess, it's all Sheldon Silver's fault, right? Please note the last sentence in the story: "A spokesperson for Gov. George Pataki was not immediately available for comment." Of course, it's not ALL Pataki's fault ... and Silver is HARDLY without blame. But you'd think that a state has a Republican governor and a Republican senate would have lower taxes. That is a Republican principle, isn't it? Or is this all Mario Cuomo's fault?

Saturday, November 08, 2003
Poll: Majority of voters would not re-elect Bush. Good news, right? Well, unfortunately, when any specific candidate was named as an opponent, Bush was ahead in the poll. We'll keep trying ... and eventually, the people will re-gain the White House. - columns
The columns page is back up. Next will be the Dialog page ... along with a new poll. Slowly but surely, the turtle wins the race. :) conspiracy-o-matic
While re-inventing my web site, I ran into this fun little thing that I created when I first started Thought there would be enough people that hadn't tried it that it would be fun to bring back. Slowly, but surely, by the way, is getting going again. The links page is back up (with new links) and more will follow.

Friday, November 07, 2003

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Live discussions with Dean, Edwards, Kerry, Lieberman, Gephardt, Kucinich, Moseley Braun, and Sharpton.
NPR receives record donation from widow of McDonald's founder. I knew there was a reason I've always liked McDonalds. Now I know why ... it's Joan Krok. Interesting story. Watch, now I'll be hearing about "left-wing restaurants" or "the liberal food industry." Hah!
Huge SEIU union to endorse Dean. This is a huge boost for Dean, turning him from a "fringe candidate" to "the contender." I'm really unsure what made him "the fringe candidate" anyway. He's been on top of most polls since the middle of the summer.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Niagara Buzz
Buzzheads Make Second Appearance On WLVL. Here's a nice piece by Avis Townsend about her appearance on Dialog last Thursday.